Going back to our Roots

I read this article about an amazing discovery that bumblebees chomp leaves so that the plants will flower… up to a month earlier! They depend on the pollen for nectar. One thing that was obvious to me, but apparently not to the scientists in charge, stood out…

“When the study authors used metal forceps and a razor to mimic the holes the bees made, the plants bloomed earlier than normal, but not as soon as they did in response to the bees’ bites…’They do something we haven’t quite captured… We hope to figure this out.’…Doing so could create a whole new way for HUMANS to cultivate plants, a potentially major boon for agriculture.”

Why don’t they just use bumblebees to make the cuts? After all, they are going extinct…

My cousin owns a very successful company in California, dispersing beneficial insects over crops. Give owners have since time immemorial put hives into fruit tree fields to pollinate the flowers to make fruit.

We need to start working with nature again instead of trying to do things on our own. I know there are some powerful companies that would like to own seeds and the very DNA of life, but this practice needs to stop. So far it has caused a lot trouble for the world. It’s time for us to evolve… By going back to our roots.

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