Business in the Fields

I saw this problem when I visited the Huichol Indians 20 years ago. Agribusiness firms had come, provided chemicals that destroyed the ecosystem in the soil, and created economic debt in a community that could not afford to pay it back. Further, this debt extends into another, ecological debt, that affects not only their land, but our world as a whole. As a researcher in Horticulture, I firmly beloeve that it is high time that academia involved in agriculture studied how ECOSYSTEMS work, and focus on them, not on chemicals and biological mutations that destroy them. There is plenty to study there, but it is uncharted territory. To change the paradigms of science requires innovation, creativity, and dedication. Belief in new methods and ideas is necessary, but it can be, and is slowly being done. Let us join this revolution and create a better world through interdisciplinary research that challenges big money and destructive practices. Everyone, not only researchers, but everyone has the ability to change their immediate surroundings. May we be blessed with the inspiration to love our world and make it a better one.