About Me

I am half Cuban and live between Mexico, Japan, and the US. Most of my close relatives live in Mexico, so that’s where I am currently based, but I teach university classes to landscape students in Japan. I attained a PhD in spacial planning and environmental engineering while living there for many years. My PhD focused on how we can use ethnobotanical plants to connect with nature and create a positive future for all life on Earth. Actually, I had wanted to get my degree in green roofs, and have been designing green building and landscape systems since I was 16. However, since there wasn’t that option at my lab, this is what I researched. It was fun.

Actually, I have a lot of fun. I enjoy a variety of different hobbies and interests. My interests are the seeming extremes of technology, art, and nature.

While in Japan, I was a member at the Tokyo Hackerspace, a makerspace for people interested in fixing electronics and creating technological stuff. I enjoy using a soldering iron as much as a paintbrush.

I love to go for walks in nature and identify birds and plants.

I like to imagine many things, and have been labeled a visionary, while also being chastised for being “ochokochoi”, or “absent-minded” by my former professor. I believe that no one is perfect and we all have something important to bring to the table.

I love to dance, sing, and make music with my synthesizers.