The Meaning of Love is Connection

So, I have a theory, a religion you could call it, that everything is connected, like a fractal in time and space, and that the fractal is God. But then, I had to figure out where love came in, and for many years, I couldn’t imagine what love would be. But I knew it was important, because in every major religion it is central to the ideas and ideals.And then it hit me tonight, over the head, like a giant spoonful of partially solidified pudding.Love is the connection. It is what connects the fractal together, it is the glue that pulls things together and propels them forward into space-time. It is what makes babies. It is love at first sight. It is true understanding. It is feeling truly alive. It is surging forward in a race to the finish, and the hugs that ensue. It is smelling a rose and knowing it is rose. It is breathing a first breath.Then there are other things. Like hatred. I would have to think that that is love on a strange vibration that has been ruined momentarily.How about indifference you might ask? Well, indifference is the middle, the place where love is ebbing away.For remember, it is all a fractal. And what is a fractal of the universe but a giant and all-encompassing sine wave?

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