Global Infrastructure is Not Moving Fast Enough for the Problems They Are Causing

I wonder how long it is going to take lobbying corporations in the resources and agricultural sectors, as well as their political cronies to figure out that working against the environment isn’t going to help them. In this episode of ‘Ostriches Against the World,’ Australian MP is continually attacking climate change proponents by using partial readings of scientific papers. The author, Prof Sandy Harrison, rebutted, saying… “the risk of catastrophic fires will continue to increase.”

“She added: “As a scientist, my job is to tell you the facts. Your job is to act on them.”

Kelly has been prolific in his Facebook attacks on the “climate alarmist cult” and the “prophets of doom” in the past few weeks.

In the past 24 hours, Kelly has posted six times, attacking climate campaigners at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland as “prophets of doom”, promoting attacks on alarmists, attacking environment activist group Greenpeace, and other posts claiming “fake climate news”.” – Quoted from the article.

People with this stance are in the losing camp, and need to look at the global market. Comparatively, green investment is almost the only thing going up, and there’s a reason for that. It’s time for global leaders and corporations involved in infrastructure to get with the times and start coming up with sustainable solutions FAST.

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