Japanese Tradition

Higan Mindfulness

Yesterday I woke up really early, before dawn, and went to practice Mindfulness Meditation at the Buddhist temple near my house. I have been studying Mindfulness Meditation for about two years now.It was originally developed by Jon Kabbat Zinn at the Harvard Medical School for treating people with chronic diseases such as Cancer and chronic …

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Crane’s Call

I learned a new Japanese idiom today. It is 鶴の一声. It means “the decision that has been made by the highest ranking official or person.” It sounds so stiff in English. The literal translation is, “the single call of a crane.” So I decided to write a poem, a haiku. 美白氷河の鏡 鶴の一声 私らの血を呼ぶ。 The whitening glacial mirror …

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Finnish Ed & Humanizing Math

https://medium.com/@sunilsingh_42118/you-really-want-to-rehumanize-math-education-build-a-new-ship-8aa6fe6b43d0 Had this hopeful future been the case when I was in school, I might have become a physicist. But because my ability in math was based on time, not actual ability, I was even derided by the teacher in my precalculus class. That being said, the Fractal of Life, in all its complexity and …

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