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  • 通常の校閲よりもリーズナブルな価格でお引き受け可能です
  • 原稿のやり取りはメール・オンライン・直接回収が可能です -文法・構造・理論性に関する編集をします
  • より良い校閲の結果を得るためのコミュニケーションを重視しています
  • 25年間の英文編集経験あり -米国英語を母国語としています -博士(学術)、ランドスケープ学分野が専門ですが、園芸学全般的の校閲が可能です
  • 校閲証明書の発行も可能です -校閲経験:医学・定量・定性・科学・社会学・心理学・環境・学際的な論文など
  • お支払い:現金・銀行振込・Google・PayPal・制度的支払いシステムなど
  • 一般的には300語あたり2,500円となります。



Academic paper editing:

  • Correspondence in person, via email, video chat, or other online modes
  • Structure, logic, and English grammar
  • Communication with the client for refined results
  • 25 years experience, Native U.S. English, Ph.D. holder
  • ‘Certificate of Editing’ available upon request
  • Types of editing available: Medical, Quantitative, Qualitative, Sociological, Psychological, Environmental, Multidisciplinary, and other scientific papers.
  • Fluent speaker of Japanese and Spanish
  • In general, the cost is 2,500 yen for every 300 words.
  • Payments: cash, bank transfer, Google Pay, PayPal, university payment system, etc.

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For inquiries, please use the contact form below.

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List of example edits:

Authors   Publication Information Overview & Title  
Wenzhu Cui, Akane Katayama, Hiroki Shimizu, Mamoru Taniguchi International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. June 2019, Vol: 16, Issue: 13  Inhibitory Risks Affecting the Maintenance of Healthy Lifestyle Habits-A Study Based on Demographic Factors and Personality Traits.  pii: E2322. doi: 10.3390/ijerph16132322. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31262055
(Edited Response to  Reviewers)  Enxi Liu, Terumasa Takahashi, Takuya Hitomi   Springer Japan, Landscape and Ecological Engineering. Issue: April 2019   Effect of pruning material compost on the nitrogen dynamic, soil microbial biomass, and plant biomass in different soil types
Shunli Liu, Liyuan Wang, Xiao Tang Cai, Hui Zhou, Dan Yu, Zhiling Wang

Medicine (Baltimore). May 2018, Vol:  97, Issue: 18, p: 0663

Therapeutic benefits of ACTH and levetiracetam in STXBP1 encephalopathy with a de novo mutation: A case report and literature review    doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000010663 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6392729/
Sofia M. Penabaz-Wiley & Isami Kinoshita Urban and Regional Planning Review. November 2019, Vol. 6, pp: 125-147 Suburban Residents’ Psychological Ownership of Ethnobotanical Plants Found in Surrounding Green Spaces: A Case Study at Matsudo City’s Nogikuno Housing Complex, Chiba Prefecture, Japan https://doi.org/10.14398/urpr.6.125
Authors: Sofia M. Penabaz-Wiley, Aiko Eguchi & Isami Kinoshita Architectural Institute of Japan. May 2019. Vol:  84,  No: 759, pp:  1135-1144 Psychological Ownership of Ethnobotany for Strengthening Social-Ecological Systems エスノボタニーからの心理的オーナーシップ醸成による社会・生態システム活性化に関する研究 —南伊豆町石廊崎地区における事例     https://doi.org/10.3130/aija.84.1135
Sofia M. Penabaz-Wiley & Isami Kinoshita Journal of Environmental Information Science. February, 2018, Vol:  2017, No: 2, pp: 25-36 The Use of Ethnobotanical Landscape to Revitalize Rural Communities:  Learning from Todmorden, England, Past and Present https://doi.org/10.11492/ceispapersen.2017.2_25
Sofia M. Penabaz-Wiley, Mitsunari Terada, Isami Kinoshita Environment- Behaviour Proceedings Journal. August, 2018, Vol: 3,  No: 8,  pp: 12-21 The Psychological Ownership of Ethnobotanicals through Education  
Penabaz-Wiley, Sofia M. HortResearch. March, 2017, Vol: 71, No. Edible Landscape, pp:  6-7. インクレディブル・エディブル Incredible Edible.  
Penabaz-Wiley, Sofia M. HortResearch. March, 2017, Vol: 71, No. Edible Landscape, pp:  8-9. ドクダミを食べる Eating Houttuynia  
Du, Wenwu Penabaz-Wiley, Sofia M. Njeru, Anthony Kinoshita, Isami Sustainability. June 24, 2015, Vol: 7, No. 7, pp:  8151-8177 Models and approaches for integrating protected areas with their surroundings: A review of the literature