Tarot Reading by Sofia

Are you looking for guidance?

Do you have a specific question that has been on your mind?

I can help you to organize your thoughts and give you some direction. My clients have said they feel “more relaxed,” “glad,” and “more peaceful” afterwards.

Let’s try it together!

How It Works:

To get a session, please email me with 3 seperate possible dates and times (If you are outside Japan, please tell me your city or time zone).

I will contact you with one of the times that works for me, and send you the address to my online room at Whereby or Zoom. We will meet there at the selected time.

As soon as we are set up and have finished introductions, you will send me a payment via PayPal with another email I will give you after the session. The length of each session is usually 25 minutes or less.

Cost for Tarot Reading in English or Spanish only: $20 USD for a reading ending within 30 minutes (most last 20-30 minutes), and $10 for every ten minutes after that beginning with the 31st minute.

Studying English? Cost for Japanese/English or Spanish/English Sessions ‘Learning English through Tarot’ available at the same base rate.

When you finish the session, please feel free to email me feedback on your experience! Thank you so much!