Freelancer @ Greencastle

Language & Culture Expert 

My business partially includes consultation in language and culture. This includes editing a range of works, from English academic papers to English Language advertisements. It also covers the tours of Tokyo that I give to visitors to Japan. My trilingual abilities enable me to do professional interpreting for English, Spanish and Japanese. I also do voice-over.

Living In Japan, Mexico, the US and China


Living in these countries I learned various cultural practices, histories, and perspectives.

Indoor & Outdoor Greening


Ethnobotanical Native Design & Consulting

The other part of my business is a rare kind of consultation in landscape, indoor and outdoor. It is based on my continued research in Ethnobotany (cultural and useful plants) and how to make nature a greater part of our daily lives.

I believe that our connection with nature is greatly based on the level of our interest in it. My research showed that physical and emotional connection with plants is the deepest way to learn about nature. From art experiments with children in parks and classrooms, to tropical edible plants research, I hold a wide range of knowledge in the he area. Recently, it has extended into how to apply the concepts of Akira Miyawaki and agroforestry to progressive landscape design.

Landscape Design

Aquaponics, Green Walls & Tropical Plants

It is possible to design and build indoor environments that support life systems. We can also create indoor environments that are edible, not only kitchen herb gardens, but using new wisdom. Using adapted cultural knowledge I have developed a new kind of interior design that can incorporate various cultures, landscapes, and elements.

Outdoor Landscapes

Green Roofs, Edible Gardens, and Native Animal Support

Outdoor environments can support local biodiversity while encouraging interaction and resilience in human communities. Then, you can depend on it to help you and bring you joy in diverse ways, including through your five senses, better bodily health, and a cognitive creativity boost.


The costs differ from service to service. Please refer to each specifically for more information on how to attain my services.

You can also contact me directly.